ELFM IV takes place in Conference Centre Lamot, in the historic city of Mechelen, Belgium.

The Lamot Conference and Heritage Centre is a multifunctional and integrated house. The commercial conference activity provides 8 multifunctional rooms and facilities for business meetings, events and parties. Support is provided by a small and flexible team, always tailored to the customer’s requirements and expectations.

In addition, there is the cultural heritage service, which is much more than just the building and its past. Lamot provides space for public projects around Mechelen’s cultural heritage, such as Soirée Lamot and the big summer exhibitions. At the same time, Lamot is increasingly becoming a meeting place for (international) reflection and debate within the Flemish heritage sector.


The Second ELFM Seminar, which is organised in conjunction with ELFM IV takes place in the European Parliament, Brussels

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