4th International Symposium on Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM IV)

Following the success of the first three Enhanced Landfill Mining Symposia in 2010 (Belgium), 2013 (Belgium) and 2016 (Portugal), the Fourth International Symposium on Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM IV) is held in 2018 (February 5-6) in Belgium. The Symposium is organised in the framework of the EURELCO network (European Enhanced Landfill Mining Consortium) and the MSCA-ETN NEW-MINE project (EU Horizon 2020 Marie-Sklodowska Curie European Training Network NEW-MINE). The science/technology part of the Symposium (ELFM IV) is organised in Mechelen (February 5-6). ELFM IV provides the floor to a host of both Invited Speakers (with keynote lectures/papers) and Regular Speakers (through a call for papers) to shed light on the recent progress in both the technological and non-technological aspects of ELFM within the wider circular economy context. Several Invited Speakers provide review/position papers on the status of key ELFM domains, such as geophysical methods for landfill exploration, state-of-the-art sorting technologies, solar and plasma gasification, multi-criteria assessment results of ELFM projects etc. As such the audience receives a comprehensive overview of the wide ELFM research and innovation domain. Invited speakers and participants involve both leading academics, industrial affiliates, governmental representatives and civil society actors, respecting the multi-actor, “quadruple helix” approach endorsed by the EURELCO Consortium.

ELFM IV Sessions and Closing Debate

Apart from the oral presentations the Symposium also features one intensified poster presentation Session (1 minute pitch presentations). The official language of the conference is English. The Symposium consists of four major sessions:

1. Geophysics, remediation and (pre)processing technologies
2. Thermal valorisation technologies
3. Upcycling technologies
4. Multi-criteria assessment


The ELFM IV symposium can be combined with the joint workshop on SMART GROUND, COCOON and RAWFILL that is held on February 7, 2018 in Mechelen (Belgium) and provides an overview on initiatives and progress made to date on three EU landfill mining/management funded projects (SMART GROUND, RAWFILL and COCOON) along with tools to assess the suitability and feasibility of landfill mining, recovery methods and approaches with the key technical, environmental and economic considerations explored . Discussion will also take place on the issues surrounding project development, exploring how to minimise environmental impacts, including remaining issues over environmental contamination, emissions and noise in local communities - as well as the future of regulatory frameworks to address these concerns. The full programme can be found here and you can subscribe to this free workshop here.

About Enhanced Landfill Mining

Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM) is defined as “the safe exploration, conditioning, excavation and integrated valorisation of (historic, present and/or future) landfilled waste streams as both materials (Waste-to-Material) and energy (Waste-to-Energy), using innovative transformation technologies and respecting the most stringent social and ecological criteria” (Jones et al, 2013). As such, ELFM is part of a wider view of a circular economy and is perfectly complementary to urban mining and recycling in general. ELFM is relevant for both Urban Solid Waste landfills and metal-containing monolandfills composed of extractive waste or industrial process residues.
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