ELFM V provided the floor to invited international experts, as well as the early-stage researchers from the ETN NEW-MINE project who will present their final results (watch the NEW-MINE video here). The Symposium included two exciting panel discussions, which stimulated a wider societal debate about how Europe is going to deal with its 500,000+ landfills. 

February 6, 2020
8:30 Registration and coffee
9:00 Welcome opening

Peter Tom Jones (KU Leuven): Landfills and the Dark Side of the Circular Economy – 10 years of ELFM: Status quaestionis – Download presentation here

9:20 Keynote Lecture

Eddy Wille (OVAM & COCOON): Dynamic landfill management: a new paradigm – Download presentation here

9:40 Keynote Lecture

Yves Tielemans (Group Machiels): Landfill mining: horses for courses – Download presentation here

10:00 Keynote Lecture

Kate Spencer (University of London): Floods and landfills – Download presentation here – Background papers: Brand and Spencer, 2018Brand and Spencer, 2019 – Brand et al, 2017O’shea et al  2018

10:20 Interactive debate between Keynote Speakers and Symposium Participants (moderator: Peter Tom Jones)
11:00 Networking coffee break
11:30 ETN NEW-MINE WP pitch presentations by Early Stage Researchers + Q&A

Juan Carlos Hernandez Parrodi [WP1 – Innovative landfill exploration and mechanical processing of waste excavated from landfills] Download presentation here

Gomez Rueda Yamid [WP2 – Thermal conversion of the Refuse Derived Fuel fraction] Download presentation here

Hugo Ignacio Lucas [WP3 – Upcycling of ashes and vitrified ashes, by-products of the gasification process of WP2] Download presentation here

Giovanna Sauve [Wp4 – Multi-criteria assessment for landfill mining concepts and technologies] Download presentation here

12:45 Networking lunch
14:00 Keynote Lecture

Fred Nguyen (ULiège): Cost-effective exploration methods for landfills: results obtained in the RAWFILL project – Download presentation here

14:20 Keynote Lecture

Paul Bardos (r3 Environmental Technology Ltd): Applying the Brownfield Opportunity Matrix to landfills – Download presentation here

14:40 Keynote Lecture

Claudia Neculau (SpaQue & RAWFILL): Towards a Green New Deal for landfill mining in Wallonia – Download presenation here

15:00 Interactive debate between Keynote Speakers and Symposium Participants (moderator: Peter Tom Jones)
15:45 Closing of Symposium
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 EURELCO General Assembly (for EURELCO members only)
17:30 End of programme
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