ELFM IV Programme

The full programme will be me available in due time. Papers & Presentations will be grouped in 4 Sessions. The topics of the sessions can be found below, along with the confirmed Invited Lectures per Session.

Confirmed Invited lectures

Session 1

  • Fred Nguyen (ULG), Ranajit Ghose (TU Delft): “Geophyscial methods for landfill exploration: a critical review”
  • Patrick Laevers (RENEWI), Werner Annaert (Go4Circle):  “Waste Management in the 21st Century: challenges and opportunities”

Session 2

  • Aldo Steinfeld, Zoran Jovanovic (ETH Zürich): “Solar gasification of waste: a critical review”
  • Nicholas Agon,  Lieve Helsen (KU Leuven): “Advanced waste-to-resources by plasma gasification”
  • Roland Pomberger, Renato Sarc, Daniel Höllen (Montanuniversität Leoben): “Development, Challenges and Requirements of RDF in co-incineration plants”
  • Rolf Stein, Richard Taylor, Andy Cornell (APP): “The techno-economic viability of upcycling residual waste into advanced biofuels: A commercial demonstration plant case study using Gasplasma® technology to convert to bioSNG”

Session 3

  • Nele De Belie (UGent): “Residue valorisation in cementitious construction materials”
  • Patricia Rabelo Monich, Acacio Rincon Romero, Enrico Bernardo (Padua University): “Upcycling of inorganic waste in monolithic and cellular glass-ceramics”
  • Jonas Cautaerts (Colruyt), “An industry perspective on syngas-to-hydrogen conversion – Building and operating fuel stations for hydrogen”

Session 4

  • Ilse Bilsen, Patrick Berghmans, “Development of an Early Warning System for the Closing the Circle project at the Remo landfill site”
  • Andrea Winterstetter (VITO), Eddy Wille (OVAM), Peter Nagels (OVAM), Johan Fellner (TU Wien), Karl Vrancken (VITO): “Integrating Landfilled Material Stocks Into Modern Resource Classification Frameworks – The Case of Old Landfills in Flanders”
  • Maurice Ballard (DE LOCALS-CleanTechPunt): “A locals perspective on the Closing-the-Circle project in Houthalen-Helchteren”

ELFM IV Symposium topics

Session 1: Geophysics, remediation and (pre)processing technologies

  • Geophysical technologies for landfill exploration
  • Remediation of landfill sites and brownfields
  • Preprocessing technologies (incl. sorting) for excavated Urban Solid Waste
  • Metal extraction/recovery technologies for metal-containing monolandfills (extractive waste, industrial process residues)
  • In-situ mining technologies for Urban Solid Waste and/or metal-containing monolandfills
  • Generic innovations in Waste Management

Session 2: Thermal valorisation technologies

  • Novel thermal valorisation technologies for RDF/SRF fractions from ELFM
  • Novel thermal valorisation technologies for dangerous waste fractions (e.g. asbestos)
  • Co-incineration of RDF/SRF

Session 3: Upcycling technologies

  • Transformation of residues from thermal valorisation into SCMs, inorganic polymers and glass ceramics
  • New applications for mineral residues from extractive waste/industrial process residues after metal extraction/recovery (building materials, catalysts etc.)
  • Upgrading of syngas to high-grade chemicals and/or energy carriers (e.g. hydrogen)

Session 4: Multi-criteria assessment

  • LCA-TEA methodologies and analyses for ELFM projects
  • Health impact of ELFM projects
  • Policy aspects of ELFM
  • Societal aspects of ELFM


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